New program RannohDecryptor to decrypt CryptXXX Files

CryptXXX Attacks by Country since April 2016 In case of a Virus infection, extensions will be changed according to the templates <original_name>.crypt <original_name>.crypz <original_name>.cryp1 What to do: 1. Download this decrypt program: RannohDecryptor 2. Run RannohDecryptor.exe on the infected computer 3. Then click Start scan 4. Indicate path to one encrypted...
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Attention! Virus-ransomware!

If you find on your desktop or in important folders text file with text like this: “It is virus or locker who encrypted your files and for decryption you must have personal key. Pay us via pay-pal or bitcoin and we send you key. ” This is ransomwares, that do...
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Solution exist! for next Ransomware Families:

    Ransomware File name and extension CryptXXX V1, V2, V3* {original file name}.crypt, crypz, or 5 hexadecimal characters TeslaCrypt V1** {original file name}.ECC TeslaCrypt V2** {original file name}.VVV, CCC, ZZZ, AAA, ABC, XYZ TeslaCrypt V3 {original file name}.XXX or TTT or MP3 or MICRO TeslaCrypt V4 File name and...
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TeslaCrypt solved, Releases Master Decryption Key

TeslaCrypt shuts down and Releases Master Decryption Key In surprising end to TeslaCrypt, the developers shut down their ransomware and released the master decryption key. Over the past few weeks, an analyst for ESET had noticed that the developers of TeslaCrypt have been slowly closing their doors, while their previous...
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International Data Recovery Conference

        Our engineers attended another conference dedicated to the data recovery, in that time from the equipment manufacturer ACE Lab* The conference was held in Prague, Czech Republic It was very interesting to learn about new technologies in the field of data recovery from manufacturers of equipment that is used...
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