Attention! Virus-ransomware!

If you find on your desktop or in important folders text file with text like this:

“It is virus or locker who encrypted your files and for decryption you must have personal key. Pay us via pay-pal or bitcoin and we send you key. ”

This is ransomwares, that do this bad things in all world around last few years

They are lies and only some people can decrypt data. In some cases they send a decryption key but you need some skills for to do it.

First of all you should know important things:

1) Don’t shutdown your computer if you find encrypted files.

2) Disconnect your internet

Or shut down computer only for one thing: make clon/image of your hard-drive

No we know many kinf of virus-ramsomwares:

Apocalypse, BadBlock, Tesla, Alpha, Locky, Xorist, 777, AutoLocky, Nemucod, DMALocker2, HydraCrypt, DMALocker, CrypBoss, Gomasom, LeChiffre, KeyBTC, Radamant, CryptInfinite, PClock, CryptoDefense, Harasom, Rakhni, Rotor, Lamer, Lortok, Cryptokluchen, Democry, Bitman and many others

File extensions appended to files: .ecc, .ezz, .exx, .zzz, .xyz, .aaa, .abc, .ccc, .vvv, .xxx, .ttt, .micro, .encrypted, .locked, .crypto, _crypt, .crinf, .r5a, .XRNT, .XTBL, .crypt, .R16M01D05, .pzdc, .good, .LOL!, .OMG!, .RDM, .RRK, .encryptedRSA, .crjoker, .EnCiPhErEd, .LeChiffre, .keybtc@inbox_com, .0×0, .bleep, .1999, .vault, .HA3, .toxcrypt, .magic, .SUPERCRYPT, .CTBL, .CTB2, .locky and many others….

In some cases we can help

Write e-mail on our address:

Attach name of virus and kind of files that was encrypted

We answer you what you or we can do with this problem


For all who did not meet with this issue, we recommend use anti viruses and spy catchers.

Don’t open unknowns invoices or other PDF documents from the attach from your email

Don’t walk on untrusted sites with any flash

Don’t access opened certificates on unknown sites if it ask

Be careful and make Back-up of your important data!

How you can do back-up

1. Turn On “Previous Versions”: go to Control Panel – System and Security – System

Click on System protection and choose drive C or D or another drive where locate your important data – click ON

2. use Drop-box, Google Drive or iCloud service

3. use special programs which manually or automatic do backup your important files that you choose

4. Copy your files that you afraid lost on other USB external drive every day or when it changed.

And don’t pay for ransomwares! It do popular his works and they will find other ways for doing something like this!