Solution exist! for next Ransomware Families:

Ransomware solution



Ransomware File name and extension
CryptXXX V1, V2, V3* {original file name}.crypt, crypz, or 5 hexadecimal characters
TeslaCrypt V1** {original file name}.ECC
TeslaCrypt V2** {original file name}.VVV, CCC, ZZZ, AAA, ABC, XYZ
TeslaCrypt V3 {original file name}.XXX or TTT or MP3 or MICRO
TeslaCrypt V4 File name and extension are unchanged
SNSLocker {Original file name}.RSNSLocked
AutoLocky {Original file name}.locky
BadBlock {Original file name}_decrypted
777 {Original file name}.777
XORIST {Original file name}.xorist or random extension
XORBAT {Original file name}.crypted