Data Recovery Sharjah

data recovery Sharjah

Sharjah doesn’t have decent Data Recovery laboratories on its territory, but you can arrange shipping to Angel Data Recovery located in Dubai Internet City. We have pickup service from Sharjah. Feel free to contact with us:

  • Mobile: +971 52 758 9336
  • Landline: +971 4-4329096,  4-4238077
  • E-mail:

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report2 Be careful while choosing a contractor. There are a lot guys who offer data recovery service, but actually don’t have enough capabilities and skills to solve complicated cases. This can leads to make situation more complicated or worse, especially if hard drive opens in none proper conditions (without clean room facilities). When dust gets inside the drive, on the speed 5400/7200 (round per minute) it erases magnetic surface(data area) like sandpaper.
Before choosing anyone, pls read this article how not to do mistake:

How to choose the right data recovery company

What you may to know about our data recovery laboratory:
1) Here you can take: our facility tour

2) What is the process of recovering data from broken disks 
3) What kind of recovery we are doing :
- We provide all kind of data recovery surgery works ( mechanical issues with motor spindel, magnetic read/write heads damages, bad blocks on the magnetic surface, etc)
- We are restoring data from hard disk drives with FirmWare corruptions
- Restoring, reconstructing, reconfiguring all RAID arrays
- Recovering files from USB flash drives, flash cards, CD/DVD disks
- Recovering data from failed and damaged SSD disk drives