Mobiles Kills Data!

In everyday life we are all using some storage devices to keep our data on it: photographs, documents, movies and so on.  At the same time  we are all used to use mobiles phones everyday, everytime, and  do not even think that some devices can not be used together, and sometimes, even dangerous.

Based on some data recovery cases with accidentally lost data , or dissapeared some files our company decided to discover what was the main issue which caused to this situation and found something:

One of our customer remembered, when he was using his laptop and have been written document in microsoft word, his mobile rang, ( it was just placed on the cover of his laptop), after he spoke with his friend he found opend files was filled with some unrecognized symbols, and few days writting work gone.

We decided to do one experiment with mobil phone and laptop hard disk drive and we got shocked :

Now, I will just show you few pictures and try describe you what do they mean:


On this picture you can see , we just put nearest mobile phone and laptop hard disk drive.  We have connected 2,5″ hdd to the desktop pc, and trying to attempt few test for him (reading and writing) . And, at the same time, we will try to call to this phone, because we know, the most strong electromagnetic signal occurs during radiation.


Now you are seeing reading test, nothing is going on, so mobile couldn’t affect drive during reading process.


Here is the proof of danger , we run writing test during mobile-phone radiation (calling), and as you can see thess green, yellow, red squares, situation is completely different. It means, data writing process can be done with errors, which means, files you are working now, can be in danger.

Physical explanation is very easy, inside drive’s case (HMA ) there is very sensitive chip  - preamplifier, data signal between him and heads can be messed by external radiation.

So, if you lost files in some similar situation, you can, at least, understand was what happend, and if you still need in data recovery  from affected drive, you can ask for our help, we also knows, how File system is  working  and where windows can keeps temporary copies of your files.

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