Partner program

Being one of the largest and most successful data recovery services across the globe, Angel Data Recovery stands thoroughly distinguished today for merging highly effective data retrieval, privacy and protection of data files, and compliance with SOC 2 Type II. We also take pride in having regulated and offered a reliable Reseller Partner Program before any other data recovery service provider that is available on the global platform.

Our widespread services have proudly joined force with more than 8,000 computer resellers, retailers and mobile technology consultants across the world. Some of them, however, include Critical Data Services (Ireland), Data Analyzers, LLC (U.S.A), International Recovery Services (I.R.S.) (Italy), Quartz Data Recovery (Romania), Helpdisc Data Recovery Services (Serbia), MJM Data Recovery Ltd. (United Kingdom), Imperative Technology (South Africa), Omega Data Recovery Services (Canada) Data Recovery Services PTY. (Australia), Onretrieval Spain (Spain) and many others.

We Believe in Transparency

Unlike other data recovery and reseller partner programs who integrate hidden costs, Angel Data Recovery stands by unprecedented transparency and lucidity in its operations. Our result oriented reseller referral benefits work on ethics and ensure instant efficacy at the same time.

Some of our various reseller referral benefits include:

  1. Absolute no program sign-up fees
  2. We provide commissions on every successfully conducted data recovery referral
  3. Absolute no limit on commissions paid
  4. Angel Data Recovery Marketing Materials for gratis
  5. Wide opportunities to cross-sell data storage and data protection devices
  6. Monthly e-newsletters with an insight on data recovery techniques, sales tips and proven strategies, and updates on new data storage technology

Our Customer benefits include:

  1. We have proficient, highly knowledgeable data recovery advisors to guide you throughout the day
  2. We provide automatic discounts on all data recovery services
  3. We do not have any hidden cost or fees
  4. We provide detailed, free evaluation service
  5. We guarantee the fastest standard turnaround time in the industry ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours
  6. We are the only certified secure data recovery service in the industry
  7. We proffer effective data recovery services for all operating systems and media types
  8. We ensure direct and easy access to our skilled data recovery engineers
  9. We feature high security services for optimum results
  10. We serve our clients and customers with customized solutions for handling encrypted files and drives
  11. We offer Secure FTP site download

Why Choose Us?

We simply provide the best reseller referral programs to individuals and businesses on a large platform. Being authorized and recommended by leading computer and hard drive manufacturers, we make sure to perform professional and high quality data recovery solutions – without ever affecting the original warranty of your solutions.