Our Team

Angel Data Recovery Company – Qualified Data Recovery Engineers

I can honestly say, our company is the best data recovery company in the UAE.

We have the most experienced staff from Eastern Europe and India. Let me introduce them to you:

Vladimir Gintov aka Dr-Kiev from forum.hddguru.com,  one of the most qualified data recovery engineers, RAID recovery expert, 12 years of data recovery experience  and manager of Angel Data Recovery company.

Dmytro KovalAngel Data Recovery engineer, 6 years of experience, the most qualified with FW   logical and physical cases. He came to work for Angel Data Recovery company from Ukraine from Kiev branch office.


Anatolii Marchuk – very skilled Angel Data Recovery engineer, with more than 8 years experience. He came work for Angel Data Recovery company to Dubai  few years ago and helps Emirian people to recover lost data from any failed drives.

Tolik in office

Timofei Sokolov – very skilled Angel Data Recovery engineer, with more than 5 years experience. He best of the best in data recovery from monolithic flash








Oksana in office

And here we are together:

angeldata_recovery_office angeldata_recovery_engineers