Remote Raid Recovery

Our company offer “inlab” and remote raid help with reconstructing failed arrays.
To show our capabilities here is the list of cases we was able to do for the last 2 years.
If you find your failed array in this list you have to be 100% sure we can help you figure out the problem.
In any case, you can contact with us and ask for the advice by skype/chat/phone …, it is free.

3ware Inc 9650SE SATA-II RAID PCIe 3ware raid5 7 disks Acer Altos EasyStor Raid0 Acer ALTOS NAS with 750GB x 4 Raid5 XFS
Acer Aspire EasyStore Raid5 4disksAcer Aspire EasyStore Raid5 4disks ActiNas Raid6ActiNas Raid6 ActiNAS Server Raid6 XFSActiNAS Server Raid6 XFS Adaptec 2200Adaptec 2200
Adaptec 2230S JBOD Adaptec 2610SA Raid5 Adaptec 3405 (SATA-SAS) Raid5 Adaptec HP raid5 4drives
Adaptec ot Entry 12disk Adaptec Raid6 Adaptec_ASR3405_raid5 Adaptec_Raid5_6disks
Adaptec1200A IDE RAID0 (HighPoint370a) Adaptec2120_raid5 Adaptec5405 AnexTEK storage iSCSI 16 drives
Apple Mac (Raid5MacPro_standart) Apple mac pro 4 Apple Mac Raid0 2drives Apple Mac Raid0 3 drives
Apple Macaraid raid5 Apple_XServe AppleSoft raid0 HFS 2 disks AppleXserver raid50 14 drives
ARECA 1210 Raid6ARECA 1210 Raid6 Areca22Areca22 Areca1120(Raid5)Areca1120(Raid5) Areca6020 raid5Areca6020 raid5
Areсa 1880iAreсa 1880i raid5 Areсa 1880i raid6Areсa 1880i raid6 ASUS K8N4-E Deluxe_sil3114_Raid5ASUS K8N4-E Deluxe_sil3114_Raid5 Asus_p5ld2 softraidAsus_p5ld2 softraid
Asus_p5ld2_raid0Asus_p5ld2_raid0 AsusP64Evo_Raid0AsusP64Evo_Raid0 Broadberry SAN raid0 (Lsi) XFS, vmfsBroadberry SAN raid0 (Lsi) XFS, vmfs Buffalo DriveStation Quad (Raid5)Buffalo DriveStation Quad (Raid5)
buffalo giga linkstation quad buffalo giga linkstation quad Buffalo HD RQ SSU2 raid5 4Buffalo HD RQ SSU2 raid5 4 Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo(Raid0)Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo(Raid0) Buffalo Linkstation QUAD RAID5Buffalo Linkstation QUAD RAID5
Buffalo Raid0 XFS 2disksBuffalo Raid0 XFS 2disks Buffalo TeraStationBuffalo TeraStation Buffalo Terrastation Raid5 4diskBuffalo Terrastation Raid5 4disk Buffalo_Raid0_XFSBuffalo_Raid0_XFS
Bull Aix SASBull Aix SAS Citrix XenServerCitrix XenServer Compaq Proliant DL380Compaq Proliant DL380 Compaq Storageworks 4100Compaq Storageworks 4100
compaq_smartArray6icompaq_smartArray6i Dawicontrol 156Dawicontrol 156 Dell Md3000 14 drivesDell Md3000 14 drives Dell perc 3di raid5Dell perc 3di raid5
Dell Perc Poweredge 700 3 disk Raid5 Dell Perc Poweredge 700 3 disk Raid5 Dell Power Edge 2500Dell Power Edge 2500 Dell Power Edge 2900Dell Power Edge 2900 Dell Power Edge 2950Dell Power Edge 2950
Dell power edge T110Dell power edge T110 Dell Power Vault 220sDell Power Vault 220s Dell Poweredge 600Dell Poweredge 600 Dell Poweredge 2700 Raid5Dell Poweredge 2700 Raid5
Dell Poweredge 2850Dell Poweredge 2850 Dell Poweredge PV755n Raid5Dell Poweredge PV755n Raid5 Dell PowerVault  725NDell PowerVault 725N Dell PowerVault MD3000Dell PowerVault MD3000
Dell PowerVault Nx200 raid5Dell PowerVault Nx200 raid5 DLink DNS-323DLink DNS-323 D-Link DNS-343 Raid5 4disks D-Link DNS-343 Raid5 4disks Drobo raid0Drobo raid0
Entry Storage System SS4000-EEntry Storage System SS4000-E EonStor A16E ( Infortrend )Raid5EonStor A16E ( Infortrend )Raid5 Eonstor ES A08F-G2422 raid5Eonstor ES A08F-G2422 raid5 falcon_NAS_RAID_0falcon_NAS_RAID_0
FreeNAS_Raid5FreeNAS_Raid5 Fujitsu ArrayFujitsu Array Fujitsu primergy tx200s2Fujitsu primergy tx200s2 FUSION DX800RAID Raid5FUSION DX800RAID Raid5
Giga NASGiga NAS GigaByte MB GA-EP45-UD3LR Raid5GigaByte MB GA-EP45-UD3LR Raid5 GigaNAS 35HD QuadNAS (RAID5)GigaNAS 35HD QuadNAS (RAID5) GigaRaid_MB_Raid0GigaRaid_MB_Raid0
G-Raid raid0 HFSG-Raid raid0 HFS G-Raid2 Mini Raid0G-Raid2 Mini Raid0 G-tech 4Tb 2 drives raid0G-tech 4Tb 2 drives raid0 G-Tech G-Raid 2TB V4 raid0G-Tech G-Raid 2TB V4 raid0
HighPoint 1820 raid5HighPoint 1820 raid5 HighPoint RocketRaid 1820AHighPoint RocketRaid 1820A Hipax RAID5 4disk XFSHipax RAID5 4disk XFS Hitachi G-RAID GEN4 2TB EMEA Raid0Hitachi G-RAID GEN4 2TB EMEA Raid0
HP  ML 570HP ML 570 HP 3disk raid5 HP DL380G3HP 3disk raid5 HP DL380G3 Hp 350 MLHp 350 ML HP 2012FCDCHP 2012FCDC
HP DL350 Raid5HP DL350 Raid5 HP E200 RaidHP E200 Raid HP G5 Raid5 8disksHP G5 Raid5 8disks HP MSA 2012HP MSA 2012
HP MSA1500 Smartarray 6iHP MSA1500 Smartarray 6i HP Msa2012 raid6HP Msa2012 raid6 HP MSA2012 VMARE ESXi VMDK raid5HP MSA2012 VMARE ESXi VMDK raid5 HP proliant dl180g6HP proliant dl180g6
HP ProLiant DL380G6 Raid50_8disksHP ProLiant DL380G6 Raid50_8disks HP Proliant ML110HP Proliant ML110 HP Proliant ML330HP Proliant ML330 HP Raid5 SAS DF072A8B56, 3 drives HP Raid5 SAS DF072A8B56, 3 drives
HP SCSI HP Proliant G3 3 drivesHP SCSI HP Proliant G3 3 drives HP smart-array 642HP smart-array 642 HP StorageWorks MSA1500 Smartarray 6iHP StorageWorks MSA1500 Smartarray 6i HP StorageWorks X1400HP StorageWorks X1400
HP_5iHP_5i HP_DL380 G5HP_DL380 G5 HP_Raid6_8drivesHP_Raid6_8drives HP_SmartArray_641HP_SmartArray_641
HPIM3360HPIM3360 IBM 346 x Series IBM 346 x Series IBM AIX 5.3 raid 8 disksIBM AIX 5.3 raid 8 disks IBM ESN SAS 5 drives Raid5IBM ESN SAS 5 drives Raid5
IBM EXP300IBM EXP300 IBM ThinkServer RD220 MR-10I SATA-SASIBM ThinkServer RD220 MR-10I SATA-SAS IBM X Series 236 Raid5IBM X Series 236 Raid5 IBM x235 контролер RAID IBM5iIBM x235 контролер RAID IBM5i
IBM x3400 M3 server_Raid_0IBM x3400 M3 server_Raid_0 IBM XSeries Servidor Type 8840-35U raid5IBM XSeries Servidor Type 8840-35U raid5 IBM_DS3200_raid5IBM_DS3200_raid5 IBM_X-226_Raid5IBM_X-226_Raid5
IBM_X3400_raid5IBM_X3400_raid5 IBMxSeries225 raid5IBMxSeries225 raid5 Infortrend 16 disks Raid6Infortrend 16 disks Raid6 Infortrend Raid5 8 disksInfortrend Raid5 8 disks
Infotrend Eonstore 24drives raid6Infotrend Eonstore 24drives raid6 Intel Entry Storage System SS4200-EIntel Entry Storage System SS4200-E INTEL INNS04-4200 NASINTEL INNS04-4200 NAS INTEL INNS04-4200 NAS Raid10INTEL INNS04-4200 NAS Raid10
Intel ISM 6 disk Intel ISM 6 disk Intel ISM Raid0Intel ISM Raid0 Intel ISM Raid5Intel ISM Raid5 Intel Matrix (Tyan motherboard)Intel Matrix (Tyan motherboard)
Intel Modular Server Raid5 6 drives VMFSIntel Modular Server Raid5 6 drives VMFS Intel SRCIntel SRC Intel SRCS14L RAID 5Intel SRCS14L RAID 5 Intel SRCU42LIntel SRCU42L
Intel SS400E and Falconstor NASIntel SS400E and Falconstor NAS Intel ss4200 raid10 Intel ss4200 raid10 intel ss4200 with 4 drivesintel ss4200 with 4 drives Intel SS4200-E Raid5Intel SS4200-E Raid5
Intel_Nss4000_raid5_XFSIntel_Nss4000_raid5_XFS Iomega  storecenter pro 150 DIomega storecenter pro 150 D Iomega 2disks_raid0_HFSIomega 2disks_raid0_HFS Iomega IX4 storecenter ProIomega IX4 storecenter Pro
Iomega JBOD 2disks XFSIomega JBOD 2disks XFS Iomega Nas Raid0Iomega Nas Raid0 Iomega Raid6 12drives XFSIomega Raid6 12drives XFS Iomega Storcenter Model NHDD4Iomega Storcenter Model NHDD4
Iomega Storcenter Pro IX4 4x1,5TbIomega Storcenter Pro IX4 4×1,5Tb Iomega Storcenter Pro IX4-200Iomega Storcenter Pro IX4-200 Iomega Storecenter pro 150 DIomega Storecenter pro 150 D iOmega storecentre ix2 JBODiOmega storecentre ix2 JBOD
Iomega Supercenter PRo Raid5Iomega Supercenter PRo Raid5 Iomega Ultra Max Plus Raid0Iomega Ultra Max Plus Raid0 LaCie  Big Disk U 1.5TB (2x750Gb) XFS JBODLaCie Big Disk U 1.5TB (2x750Gb) XFS JBOD Lacie 4 disk's _JBOD_Raid0_250GbLacie 4 disk’s _JBOD_Raid0_250Gb
Lacie 4big quadro 4U Raid5Lacie 4big quadro 4U Raid5 Lacie 4disk Raid5Lacie 4disk Raid5 Lacie 4x1,5Tb_XFS_Raid5Lacie 4×1,5Tb_XFS_Raid5 LaCie 5bigLaCie 5big
LaCie Big Disk 2x500Gb Raid0LaCie Big Disk 2x500Gb Raid0 LaCie Big Disk ExtremeLaCie Big Disk Extreme Lacie Big Quadra 4 drives 500Gb Raid5Lacie Big Quadra 4 drives 500Gb Raid5 LaCie Bigger Disk Extreme 2 TBLaCie Bigger Disk Extreme 2 TB
LaCie Bigger Disk Extreme 4 disksLaCie Bigger Disk Extreme 4 disks Lacie JBOD 2 drives SAS ,Ext3FSLacie JBOD 2 drives SAS ,Ext3FS Lacie QuadroLacie Quadro Lacie Raid JBOD 2 drives 500GbLacie Raid JBOD 2 drives 500Gb
Lacie Raid6Lacie Raid6 LacieBigNAS_Raid6LacieBigNAS_Raid6 LinkSys NSS 6000 RAID5LinkSys NSS 6000 RAID5 LinkSys Nss4000LinkSys Nss4000
LinkSys_NSS4000_Raid5LinkSys_NSS4000_Raid5 Linux raid5 UFSLinux raid5 UFS Linux Soft Raid6Linux Soft Raid6 LSI Logic (Mylex Acceleraid) Raid5LSI Logic (Mylex Acceleraid) Raid5
Lsi raid 1E 4 drives Lsi raid 1E 4 drives LSi SAS Raid0LSi SAS Raid0 Lsi Sas raid5 4 disksLsi Sas raid5 4 disks Macola Infiniband Raid5Macola Infiniband Raid5
Marvell 88SE61xx raid controllerMarvell 88SE61xx raid controller Maxtor Onetouch IIIMaxtor Onetouch III Maxtor Shared Storage IIMaxtor Shared Storage II MediaVault raid30 Sweden 8 drivesMediaVault raid30 Sweden 8 drives
Mercury Elite-Al pro Qx2Mercury Elite-Al pro Qx2 NA-1400 nasNA-1400 nas NAS 4300NAS 4300 NAS raid0 4100NAS raid0 4100
NAS4300Raid10NAS4300Raid10 NetgearNetgear NetGear JBOD x-Raid 4 disksNetGear JBOD x-Raid 4 disks NetGear ReadyNAS 1000sNetGear ReadyNAS 1000s
NetGear readyNAS 1100 Modle Raid5 NetGear readyNAS 1100 Modle Raid5 Netgear ReadyNas XRAID2Netgear ReadyNas XRAID2 NetGear_JBOD_4Disks500GbNetGear_JBOD_4Disks500Gb Pegasus NAS Raid0 Pegasus NAS Raid0
PHL-Store_Raid5 7PHL-Store_Raid5 7 PMT-JUNE9'11PMT-JUNE9’11 Pro Avio 8 disksPro Avio 8 disks Pro Avio RS16FPro Avio RS16F
Promise NS4300NPromise NS4300N Promise NS4600 Promise NS4600 QNAP NAS Raid6QNAP NAS Raid6 QNAP TS-409 Raid5 Ext3fsQNAP TS-409 Raid5 Ext3fs
Qnap TS419 P  Raid6 ,4 drives 1,5TbQnap TS419 P Raid6 ,4 drives 1,5Tb QNAP Turbo NAS - RAID6QNAP Turbo NAS – RAID6 Q-Nap TurboNAS Raid5 Q-Nap TurboNAS Raid5 ReadyNAS 100 Raid5ReadyNAS 100 Raid5
ReadyNas NV Raid5ReadyNas NV Raid5 RocketRaid5 1820ARocketRaid5 1820A Rocstore ARCTICROC 4T raid10Rocstore ARCTICROC 4T raid10 san equalogic raid6san equalogic raid6
Seagate Black Armor 440NAS RAID 5Seagate Black Armor 440NAS RAID 5 Seagate BlackArmor Raid0 4 drivesSeagate BlackArmor Raid0 4 drives Si3114Raid5Si3114Raid5 SIL3114_raid5SIL3114_raid5
SILICON IMAGE SIL3124R5SILICON IMAGE SIL3124R5 SmartStar NS4300NSmartStar NS4300N SmartStor NS4300NSmartStor NS4300N smartstor NS4300N 4 disksmartstor NS4300N 4 disk
SmartStore NS4600 Raid5SmartStore NS4600 Raid5 SmartStore4600 Raid5SmartStore4600 Raid5 Snap Server 410Snap Server 410 SnapServer N2000 Raid5SnapServer N2000 Raid5
Sonnet D500P 5disks Raid0 HFSSonnet D500P 5disks Raid0 HFS Storageworks 1500sStorageworks 1500s Storetech_Nas_6_DrivesStoretech_Nas_6_Drives Supermicro H8IRSupermicro H8IR
Synologi 5drives SHRSynologi 5drives SHR Synology DS 509 Raid5Synology DS 509 Raid5 Synology Linkstation DS410 4 drivesSynology Linkstation DS410 4 drives Synology_410_NASSynology_410_NAS
Thecus N550Thecus N550 Thecus N2500Thecus N2500 Thecus N5200Thecus N5200 Thecus NS500Thecus NS500
UltraStore raid5, 16disk UltraStore raid5, 16disk WD ShareSpace 3Tb- WD40000A4NCWD ShareSpace 3Tb- WD40000A4NC WD ShareSpace 4TbWD ShareSpace 4Tb WD ShareSpace 6TbWD ShareSpace 6Tb
WD USB  Mybook External HDD 2Tb Raid0WD USB Mybook External HDD 2Tb Raid0 WD USB  MyBook StudioEditionII WD10000H2Q WD USB MyBook StudioEditionII WD10000H2Q WD wd20000d033 JBOD  2TBWD wd20000d033 JBOD 2TB WD20000H2Q-00 NAS Raid0WD20000H2Q-00 NAS Raid0

To understand the basic how is going raid recontstructing you can read this small article : raid5 data recovery