Recovery Methodology

Thank you for submitting your drive to Angel Data Recovery Services for evaluation.

Data recovery is the process of obtaining usable data from inaccessible storage (Damage media) and corrupted or deleted file sets. Computers, MP3 players and digital cameras store data on some type of electronic media such as hard disk drives, diskettes or flash devices. Each type of media presents different recovery challenges. Angel Data Recovery understands data storage technology like no other data recovery company. As the data storage experts, we have the means, methodology and technology to recover lost data.

Angel Data Recovery Services

Utilizes a Four-Step Data Recovery Methodology:

 1.      Laboratory Work

We diagnose your Drive to know the Exact Problem & send you Quotation, once it’s Approve we Repair or Replace Damage Components, firmware failures are identified and repair Drive Comes Alive for short Time.

2.      Image Disk

 The Repaired Drive Read Data Copy sector by sector to another Disk.

3.      Retrieve Data

 Scan image & Analysis Damage or corruption to the file system & repair to permit access to the individual files or folders. Individual files & folders check for corruption and Repair if Necessary.

4.      Restore Data

 The retrieved Data is then copied to new Media (for example a USB Drive) and return to the Client.

5.      Diagnostic report 

For the cases when data can’t be recovered we preparing simplified diagnostic report (free) or detailed diagnostic report (100 AED) . To check how it can looks like you can see few report samples  on the service menu.